//SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video: What Kind of Vape Device Should I Use?

SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video: What Kind of Vape Device Should I Use?

SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video

Box Mod Tank vs Mod Pod (Juul type atomizer)

What kind of device should I use to vape, and what eliquid do I use?

Nate420 Explores

If you’re first vaping experience has been with an electronic cigarette or Juul, this is common. Many people trying it as an alternative to smoking. These two types of devices are readily available. They are convenient, but options in flavors are limited, and they can get expensive because when they run out of juice, you have to replace the whole device or buy replacement pods.

Sourin Air Pod Atomizer kit with atomizer base (battery) and pod (all-in-one pod / coil / cotton).

There are two major classes of vaping devices which use refillable E-Liquid like those sold at SoCalVape.com. One is the smaller, portable, and less expensive low output atomizers. They are very much like the Juul, but the pods are refillable with any nic salt eliquid like our Sugar! Salts. The SMOK Infinix and Sourin Air are two examples of low output atomizer devices. Both have refillable pods. The SMOK Infinix comes with 2 pods, and the Sourin Air comes with one, but you can also buy additional pods. Pods are good for about 5 refills, so it is good to have extra pods on hand. The battery is build into the unit base, and is rechargeable. A charge typically lasts about a day. These types of devices are not expensive – usually $20-40, the cartridges are also inexpensive – $3-6 each.

The nic salt eliquid for these devices is different than regular eliquid because it is concentrated. The atomizer vape device produces smaller clouds – puffs really – more similar to the Juul or an electronic cigarette. So the concentration of nicotine is higher. A bottle of our Sugar! Salts contains 50mg of nicotine per ml of fluid, and a bottle contains 30ml of fluid. A pod holds about .7 ml of fluid and will last you 1 day to 1 week before needing a refill, depending on how often you vape. A 50mg nic salt may feel about like a 6mg nicotine level in a regular eliquid.

SMOK X-Priv 225W Full Starter Kit with Box Mod, Batteries, Tank (all-in-one tank and cotton), 2 coils and replacement parts.

The second type of device uses a much bigger mod and a tank instead of a pod. This type of device uses regular eliquid, like our Acai, Chop Shop Bakery, Chop Shop Fruit Stand and Sugar! regular. These eliquids come in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine concentration. It is much lower but the clouds produced by a regular mod and tank are much bigger. A mod looks more like a box and often holds two large rechargeable batteries, and a tank holds between 3-4 ml juice. Bottles of eliquid for a regular mod usually come in 60 ml – our Acai and Sugar both come in 60ml bottles, and the Chop Shop Bakery and Chop Shop Fruit Stand come in 75ml bottles. There is a huge variety of mod and tank choices on the market, and this more traditional style of vaping has been around longer. Box mods start at around $20-30 and run up to $150 or more. Starter kits will include a tank, like our SMOK X-Priv 255W. You can also buy tanks separately, most tanks are around $20-$50. Some people prefer to buy tanks separately because of different types of vape styles. The typical tank may vary in size and material – some glass, others plastic – but will fit all or most types of mod boxes. More advanced vapers sometimes prefer a rebuildable coil with the cotton exposed and you fill it by dripping the vape juice on the cotton. If you’re new to vaping, you may want to start with a standard tank, or get a full kit like our SMOK X-Priv where the tank is included with the box mod.

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