//SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video: 5 Things Every Vaper Must Know

SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video: 5 Things Every Vaper Must Know

SoCal Vape Featured YouTube Video

5 Things Every Vaper Must Know

Hybrid Connections, Variable Wattage, MTL vs. DL and More

Legion Vapes! Rambling, Yet Super Helpful, Tips

Legion Vapes! Video on YouTube 5 Things Every New Vaper Must Know! promises to be “a rambling short list of a few things that new vapers should and need to know.” It’s a super helpful 20 minute summary rich in tips. Below are his 5 tips summarized. Take a watch above for a great primer on the key things to know as a vaper.

1. Hybrid Connections – there are a variety of ways you can customize your vaping experience when you’re ready to go beyond a basic device. However be aware of the different ways different tanks attach to different mods. If you attach two custom parts incorrectly, you can ruin the equipment or even create a dangerous situation.

2. Variable Wattage – Check your coil first, it will tell you what the wattage range is for your coil. This will guide the wattage selection and decision. There are a lot of variables in wattage because people like different vape experiences – warmer, cooler, set for menthol, etc. You can experiment to find your favorite, but remember the coil is the first place to check.

3. MTL and DLMouth to Lung is a device that smokes like a cigarette, with a tight draw like a cigarette smoking experience. Examples are the Juul, a typical electronic cigarette, or a pod-based atomizer like the Sourin. Direct Lung / Deep Lung, with a lower resistance coil, creates a lot more vapor, and is a bigger vape experience. Examples are the bigger mod / tank systems like the SMOK XPriv. Vape hobbyists play a lot in this area with things like Hybrid Connections.

4. Change Your Coils – When the vape tastes nasty, has no taste, or just isn’t vaping right, check the coil. Changing your coil is a regular maintenance step in all vaping. Usually it’s the cotton that is worn out, burnt, or stale. Replace as needed. It’s a simple process, and solves almost all early problems.

5. Shop Smart – There really is no such things as a perfect device, 90% of people move on to different devices as they vape to find the experience angle they like. You might like ease of use, or flavor may be most important, even size of the cloud. Try something basic, and then start looking for devices that talk about features that appeal to you. It’s most important to just start and try something that replaces your cigarette habit today. Cigarettes kill half of those who smoke, and any vape device is worth trying because vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

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