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Nic Salts: What Are They, How to Quit Smoking

There’s a lot of interest in Salt Nic’s, and well there should be! Let’s clear the air once and for all, and find out just what are Salts Nic’s, and how they are better effective in helping people stop smoking and start vaping. Nic salts are the ‘salt crystals’ version of nicotine, which are added into PG and VG bases. When this mixture is heated and vaporized, our proprietary formula of food grade acids creates a more effective and faster nicotine delivery – providing the same instant rush and gratification of having a cigarette – without the carcinogens in smoke!

The wall to quitting smoking has never been so low, the same salt nics found in cigarettes are now readily available to vape. SoCal Vape’s Salt Nic’s help you crush your cravings discreetly, and with your choice 30 and 50 milligrams salt nic strengths you can control where your nic fix ends and your new smoke free life begins.

Speaking of numbers, let’s math it up! Salt nic strengths are described as a percentage by volume. For example, on the higher end you’ll find 5% by volume, which translates to 50 milligrams per 1 Milliliter. The same applies for 3% by volume, meaning there is 30 milligrams per 1 Milliliter. So, 5% in a 30ml bottle would give you a total 150mg per bottle – the equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes.

RIGHT: SoCal Vape’s Cloudy Crystals brand is an example of a Nic Salt vape. This product is specifically designed for use in pod based devices and other low output atomizers.

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