//Does Switching to Vaping from Smoking Improve Your Health?

Does Switching to Vaping from Smoking Improve Your Health?

There’s little question the body begins to repair itself almost immediately after a person quits smoking, reports David Heitz in Healthline

“Scientists say in as little as a month the lungs are already cleaning out gunky residue so you can breathe easier.   In fact, someone who quits smoking before they turn 40 can expect to live as healthy a life as someone who never smoked at all, according to Dr. Jonathan Samet, a pulmonary physician and epidemiologist at the University of Southern California. How’s that for good news on World Health Day?”

Derrick Gurley of Conyers, Georgia, say they don’t want that message to be misconstrued. His dad switched to vaping 14 months ago after suffering a heart attack. According to Gurley, his father’s doctor reports the blockages in his blood vessels have begun to clear. He’s been advised to “keep vaping.”

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Nick Egan, a research technician, wrote online recently about his switch from smoking to vaping, a habit he made permanent because he viewed it as an upgrade over smoking:

I’ve noticed big changes since I “hard swapped” cigarettes for the ecig during my weeks holiday about 3 months ago. About 3 weeks after swapping I was drinking a cup of coffee which I take with 1 sweetener, I noticed something different about it but I couldnt quite put my finger on it. It tasted more intensely sweet than usual, it’s hard to explain but it was very noticeable, turns out that was what my coffee had always tasted like and it was my sense of taste returning.

The following week I started to notice there was this odd kind of strong musty smell when I walked in the front door to work and it seemed to then follow me into my lab, turns out that was my sense of smell starting to return.

Taking deep breaths without my chest feeling slightly uncomfortable and my smokers cough which ive had for years has decreased by about 90 – 95%. It was as if I needed to clear my throat the whole time and I had to cough to clear it but that happens rarely throughout the day now.

The colour of my face looks healthier, this one is a bit hard to describe without sounding really sickly but it seems like my face looks less grey/darker than it was before and seems more just pale but healthier looking (Im irish, we dont get sun so pale is the best you can hope for!)

Hope this has been informative! I’ll also freely admit that I dont really view vaping as a means to quit smoking, I think the reason I so switched to vaping without looking back or longing for cigarettes was because once you find the right voltage and nicotine liquid it feels so similar to smoking it’s more like upgrading your smoking habit to 2017.

More from Nick Egan: https://www.quora.com/profile/Nick-Egan-5

Jon Ingall also reports a major improvement in healthin switching from smoking to vaping.

I smoked for three weeks shy of 20 years- and fairly heavily too.

I lose count of the coughs, chest infections and colds I suffered in that time, and even walking up gentle hills left me breathless.

Aware of the impending anniversary, I bought my first vape pen in August 2014. I used it every day, and heeded the advice given to me in the shop: keep on puffing til you’re satisfied.

I only smoked three more cigarettes – each tasting more disgusting than the last. That was it for me. I was now a vaper.

Within a week, I was literally buzzing. I can only put this down to the extra oxygen in my bloodstream, which my brain and body didn’t know what to make of at first. It was a lovely feeling. By that point my breathing was already better- to a degree that really surprised me.

I found myself wanting to run instead of walk, I had so much more energy than before. Last year, I ran the Bath Half Marathon.

Vaping saved my life. I am in no doubt that if it weren’t for vaping, I’d still be smoking 20 a day and puffing my way up hills, and wretching my guts out every morning.

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