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September 2018

The Effects of Carbon Monoxide From Cigarette Smoking

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How does carbon monoxide hurt smokers? Excerpted from A Very Well Mind https://www.verywellmind.com/carbon-monoxide-in-cigarette-smoke-2824730 By Terry Martin | Reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD Updated August 31, 2018 "A pack a day smoker can have a 3% to 6% carboxyhemoglobin level in the blood - the binding of carbon monoxide to the blood -- two packs a day, 6% to 10%, and three packs a day, as much as 20%. The health effects of CO saturation in the blood above 1% can cause detectable physical symptoms, such as: Increased heart rate between 1% to 5%. Reduced tolerance for exercise between 2% to 15%. Headache and visual distortions can occur at high levels of CO saturation - between 15% to 20%. Can Smoking Cause [...]

August 2018

How to Use Cloudy Crystals

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Best Pod Vapes and Low Output Mods 2018 Best Pod Vapes and Low output pod mods in 2018 From Which eCigarette posted July 8, 2018 Pod vapes and low output mods are electronic cigarettes specifically designed for beginners who just switched from analogs. These mouth to lung devices are ultra portable, easy to use and score very high on the nicotine satisfaction chart. We tested some of the most popular pod system personal vaporizer as well as a couple of low output vapes and ranked them according to their overall performance. In our tests we took into account vapor production, throat hit, battery life, charging time and price tag. Listed below you will only find the products [...]

Is Vaping the Same Thing as Smoking Tobacco?

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Unfortunately in 2016 the FDA deemed that Vaping should be classified as a tobacco product.  Vapers don't smoke the tar of a cigarette - the cancer causing component of tobacco which results in the death of half of all smokers and many more around them.  However they do intake nicotine if they choose a vape with nicotine content. Probably because nicotine is addictive, whether consumed by smoking a cigarette or vaping, the FDA put vaping in the same classification as tobacco. Yet not everyone sees it this way. Aljazeera news reports that Public Health England “is saying that vaping is safer than smoking and could lead to the demise of the traditional cigarette.” [...]

July 2018

Nic Salts: What Are They, How to Quit Smoking

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There’s a lot of interest in Salt Nic’s, and well there should be! Let’s clear the air once and for all, and find out just what are Salts Nic’s, and how they are better effective in helping people stop smoking and start vaping. Nic salts are the 'salt crystals' version of nicotine, which are added into PG and VG bases. When this mixture is heated and vaporized, our proprietary formula of food grade acids creates a more effective and faster nicotine delivery - providing the same instant rush and gratification of having a cigarette – without the carcinogens in smoke! The wall to quitting smoking has never been so low, the same salt nics found in cigarettes [...]

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